Would you like to have a gold coffee table?

Author: Kate Anderson | April 19th 2021 | Coffee Tables

2. Contemporary gold coffee table Would you like to have a gold coffee table?

Everybody knows, that gold is an old synonym of luxury, omnipotence and approaching to divinity. In almost all the world’s religions the golden colour symbolizes the sun and numerous divine principles that have only positive connotation.

Moreover, this metal has been considered the most noble one at all the times. It has been used by those people who wanted to create the most expensive and prestigious items, beginning from home accessories and up to wearable jewelry.

Nowadays in the modern interior the gold colour is rather multifunctional. – It can be used everywhere: in the design of the ceiling, walls, floor, furniture or some separate accessories.

Fashion designers love working with gold, but all the professionals are sure you need some special knowledge if you want to create something really special. And be ready, it is not easy. Why? – Because you have to take into account a lot of details.

Are you brave enough to design your own flat or house, using the gold colour? Well, here are some pieces of advice given by modern designers.

  1. Mind that the entire interior in a gold colour will look too pompous, boastful, and maybe even tasteless. So, if you use the gold colour in the ratio of 1 to 3 in the interior, you will never overdo it. For example, buy a gold coffee table and it will decorate your living, sitting or dining room a lot.
  2. Do you like furniture with gold shades? It is better to make your choice in favour of so-called “aged” gold, which perfectly fits the shabby chic and eclectic styles. According to the professionals point of view, coffee tables with bright gold accents will look too smart. But it is better to use gold-plated elements.
  3. Learn how to combine different colours. At first it will be a rather difficult task, but if you don’t give up, you will be a real expert soon. Pay attention to the fact that the golden colour harmonizes perfectly with light shades, for example, white, beige, ivory or may others (it depends on your taste).
  4. Emphasize only a few gold items which “highlight” the whole design of the room or even a house. Mind that light colours of the spacious living can be profitably shaded by light golden coffee table and mounted candlesticks of “aged” gold. Of course, it will be expensive, but at the same time rather tasteful. Many people all over the world use the gold coffee tables in order to achieve this difficult goal.

3. Original gold coffee table Would you like to have a gold coffee table?

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