Wireframe Coffee Table

Author: Kate Anderson | October 1st 2018 | Table of the Day

Wireframe Coffee Table interior Wireframe Coffee Table

Wireframe Coffee Table is represented by popular Gus Modern brand, which is rather famous all over the world because of its unusual design and high-quality production. It is considered to be a modern functional accent piece of furniture, which reminds a bit the 3D models with wireframe construction. Such things are usually used by contemporary animators and designers. Up to the present Wireframe Coffee Table costs $950.00

Table dimensions

  • 32 inches – diameter;
  • 15 inches – height.


This coffee table is made of two materials: walnut plywood (top and bottom) and steel (frame).


Wireframe Coffee Table is of natural shade (for the top and bottom) with black legs.

Pros and cons


  • It has two wide openings;
  • All the edges are exposed;
  • There bumpers for floor protection.


  • It can’t be used outside;
  • Seems rather bulky for small premises.

Used for

  • You can store our blankets, cushions or books inside;
  • Perfect addition to any room;
  • Good choice for offices;
  • During the parties you can arrange your refreshments there.

The Gus Modern Wireframe Coffee Table is a rustic, industrial piece inspired by 3D wireframe models used by designers and animators. It features two round plywood platforms faced with walnut and left with exposed edges. In-between is a black powder-coated steel grid frame. Two openings in the frame allow for quick and attractive storage of blankets, books or any other clutter. Mid-century modern design interpreted with an industrial edge. Such is the modis operandi of Gus* Modern. Every accessory, sofa, sectional, chair and table they design is inspired by simple forms and honest materials. The resulting modern furniture pieces are clean, elegant and versatile, with crisply tailored upholstery and solid, eco-friendly FSC-certified wood frames. Founded in 2000, Gus* Modern is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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