Why should we choose a walnut coffee table?

Author: Kate Anderson | August 14th 2021 | Coffee Tables

Dona Mondo walnut coffee table Why should we choose a walnut coffee table?

Many people wonder what wood is the best one for furniture production. Why is it so important? – The matter is that every timber has its own properties, so-called pros and cons. Walnut wood furniture is uniquely worthy of close attention.

Walnut tree belongs to the hardwood, it has a considerable number of colors, such as red-brown, light, greenish-gray, yellowish-gray. The difference in color is in general associated with various places of its growth. The warmer the climate is, the brighter the timber will be. Furniture made of walnut wood is considered to be elite, which can be often found in antique shops. Often it is made only to order.

All in all there are more than 10 species of walnut. The most valuable type of them is a black walnut. It is used to furnish and to decorate the most expensive furniture. Walnut has a high density, hardness and toughness. It also has a high resistance to fungi, rot and various mechanical damages.

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