Why do people choose Slate Coffee Tables?

Author: Kate Anderson | January 9th 2019 | Table of the Day, Wood Table

chocolate Temahome Slate Coffee Table Why do people choose Slate Coffee Tables?

Slate Coffee Table in brown color

Slate Coffee Table is a real zest of TamaHome Company, which became popular some years ago because of its unique and perfectly elaborated design of chest of drawers, wall shelves night and coffee tables.

Table dimensions

  • Each panel – 3 inches thick;
  • Top and bottom panels are the square ones – 21.67 inches;
  • Middle one is also square – 35.5 inches.


Different kinds of high-quality wood.


In general it can be of any color you like, but nowadays the most popular shades are black, white and brown. No matter they are considered to be so requested! – Slate Coffee Tables usually suit any premise and style.

Pros and cons


  • matte finish is of contemporary design;
  • its honeycomb construction reduces weight;
  • durable and strong;
  • designed by modern and fashionable Portuguese designer Ines Martinho.


  • you should avoid any solvents;
  • it should be cleaned often and only with damp and soft cloth.

Used for

  • contemporary rooms;
  • spacious premises;
  • perfect variant for those who love comfortable and functional pieces of furniture;
  • you can use it both for family gatherings and working.

An impressive piece, Slate presents a proud figure in any occasion. The many levels of this original coffee table are a smart solution to organize the objects on the top, while adding a certain movement to its shape. The finishes are also not to be missed: chocolate, pure white or pure black and concrete.
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white Temahome Slate Coffee Table
Temahome Slate Coffee Table in modern interior
functional Temahome Slate Coffee Table
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chocolate Temahome Slate Coffee Table
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