Why are sheesham coffee tables so expensive?

Author: Kate Anderson | September 4th 2021 | Coffee Tables

Niels sheesham coffee tables Why are sheesham coffee tables so expensive?

For many centuries sheesham has been considered to be a famous exotic type of wood. From the beauty standpoint only few breeds can compete with sheesham. Why? Frankly speaking, there are many reasons.

The most appreciated type varies in color from dark brown to purple, with streaks of black pigment, which are forming something like a web that often crosses, creating the illusion of a landscape.

By the way, can you imagine that green wood smells like roses? Freshly cut wood has a dark purple color. Mind that the beautiful patterns appear only after staying some time in the open air. Sheesham is very difficult to be re-polished because after grinding the purple thin coat appears on wood.

In the first half of the XX century this species was so popular as a veneer for furniture and plywood that the tree itself was on the verge of extinction. Nowadays new trees rarely appear on the market. Highly resiniferos wood is treated and polished well polished. It is very durable. Taking into account all the features mentioned above it isn’t surprising that the sheesham coffee tables are very expensive.

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