9 Japanese coffee tables

Author: Julia Stewart | June 6th 2021 | Unique Tables

Thinking about a coffee table for your sitting room you can choose a bright Japanese coffee table that will give you a lot of positive moments. Let’s have a look at 9 popular models. Hopefully one of them will be an inhabitant of your house:

№1. This table by Oriental Furniture is made of dried bamboo pole. It is very light, but hard and durable. This great light table has dimensions 47 1/4″ 14 1/8″ 15 3/4 “. It costs 118$ and ideal for lovers of Japanese bench coffee tables, who prefer natural quality furniture.

Bamboo coffee table 9 Japanese coffee tables

№2. Japanese people are great lovers of modern gadgets and contemporary furniture. VIG coffee table is ideal for modern homes. It has a triangular glass top and a unique base of two parts. The dimensions of the table are W50″ x D37″ x H16″ and it will cost you about $ 500.

VIG coffee table 9 Japanese coffee tables

№3. Your room might meet Asian chic with the help of Bento coffee table. This design was inspired by Bento boxes. Golden table looks very bright and festive, has enough space for coffee trays and cups with dimensions 36″Dia x 18″H. Looks simple and stable, the price is $1,590.

Golden Bento 9 Japanese coffee tables

№4. Those who don’t have enough space in the house or want to use one furniture item differently will appreciate a coffee table/TV stand by Nihon. This table has a lot of storage place, it is 39.4″W x 15.4″D x 15.4″H. You can choose from 3 different colors and will pay just $93.

Nihon coffee table 9 Japanese coffee tables

№5. An expensive and sophisticated coffee table by Joseph van Benten is contemporary and super stylish. Its cabriole legs are unique. The dimensions of the coffee table are 54″ long x 32″ wide x 15″ high and it costs $2400.

Joseph van Benten coffee table 9 Japanese coffee tables

№6. Kyoto rectangular coffee table by Copeland Furniture is made for spacious rooms. It possesses traditional Japanese style, pleasant walnut color. The size of the table is 18″ * 48″ * 24″. The price is about $1000.

Kyoto coffee table 9 Japanese coffee tables

№7. Natsumi square coffee table is traditionally low, and presents a warm and modern look of Japanese furniture. While seated next to the floor your guests become closer to each other. The table is ideal for quite coffee parties. It is 14″*37″*37 and costs $600.

Square Japanese coffee table 9 Japanese coffee tables

№8. A Scando coffee table looks like one bent piece. Ideal for art lovers and those who like to store magazines in the folds. It is a multifunctional table 28″*43,5″*11 made of wood. It costs $700.

Scando coffee table 9 Japanese coffee tables

№9. Japanese Nakashima style is a super bright art piece. It has a camphor wood top and hardwood legs. This organic table is 18″ high, 31″ wide, 25″ deep. Its price is $ 995.

Nakshima coffee table 9 Japanese coffee tables

Enjoy your coffee in Japanese style!

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