Timber Coffee Table

Author: Kate Anderson | January 11th 2019 | Table of the Day

Timber Coffee Table in your bedroom Timber Coffee Table

Timber Coffee Table is a set of furniture, represented by exclusive Gus* Design Group, the main office of which is situated in Toronto (Canada). It composes the elements for dining, living and sitting rooms. The most popular samples are its sofas, accent, dining and coffee tables.

Table dimensions

  • 18 inches – height;
  • 12 inches – width;
  • 12 inches – depth;
  • 12 pounds – weight.


High-quality acrylic


Clear, transparent.

Pros and cons


  • all the panels are joined with adhesive, which is invisible;
  • edges are specially polished by flame;
  • smooth finish;
  • clear edges;
  • no assembly required.


  • can be used only indoors;
  • you shouldn’t use it for heavy objects.

Used for

  • contemporary modern rooms;
  • light design in offices;
  • convenient thing for books and magazines.

A unique combination of organic lines and man-made materials, the Timber Table is a show-stopper. Inspired by wood beams salvaged from old buildings, the faux bois -wood grain design- is stenciled on the inside of the acrylic and lends a natural element to the Timber Table. All edges have been flame polished and joined together with UV cured glue. The Timber Table is easy to clean and makes a clever conversation piece for any home. (Not recommended for use as seating.)
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Timber Coffee Table in your bedroom
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