The most popular Italian coffee tables

Author: Julia Stewart | April 16th 2021 | Coffee Tables, Modern Tables, Unique Tables

Looking for the new furniture and choosing a new coffee table people often are inspired by bright reflections, great trips. Every country has its own unforgettable style. After visiting Italy you get a light and sunny mood and will be happy to get a cup of hot Italian coffee with a piece of pizza on Italian stylish coffee table. There are a lot of great brands in Italy, manufacturing furniture for your homes. Let’s meet up with them and their coffee tables.

Infinity presents modernism and creativity on the market. This brand makes contemporary and trendy furniture. Opera coffee table is simple and elegant, it has no extra details and impresses with its stylish look. The table has a black top and metal legs, it is low and ideal for small rooms.

Opera coffee table by Infinity The most popular Italian coffee tables

La Primavera has a lot of furniture items to create a cozy and trendy living space. The brand has mostly classical examples and a rich choice of coffee tables. Emma is a modern swivel coffee table, which is elegant and greatly performs geometrical shapes. This functional and beautiful model is ideal for contemporary homes.

Emma by La Primavera The most popular Italian coffee tables

Stones is the brand that mixes different styles and forms in their furniture. The main furniture qualities for this brand are simplicity and functionality. Large round storage coffee table by the brand is practical and modern. Awesome combination of white, grey and dark grey and 3 rotating parts make this coffee table a universal helper in your room.

Round storage coffee table by Stones The most popular Italian coffee tables

Cosatto brand successfully combines artistic look and progressive technology. The furniture of the brand has the air of the past but at the same time is perfect for contemporary homes.
Iron coffee table Vega has a glass top and looks very trendy. The table’s structure is wholly hand-forged and share the master’s mood. Such model is both strong and delicate.

Vega by Cosatto The most popular Italian coffee tables

Dall’Agnese is a brand from Venice that creates sophisticated and high-quality furniture. It is popular worldwide and impresses their users with various designs and styles. Wooden coffee table Large Zoe creates a cozy atmosphere at home, it is available in different colors to match your interior.

Large Zoe The most popular Italian coffee tables

Target Point proudly boasts furniture of interesting and unusual styles created for various spaces. You will definitely feel nostalgia with Tetris coffee table, remembering the game of your childhood. This coffee table is made of wood, has a great color combination and a stylish look. Modular design is really impressive.

Tetris coffee table The most popular Italian coffee tables

Orme likes to experiment with colors and designs. Contemporary furniture is the strong point of the brand. Fruit coffee table by this brand has a wooden top and interesting legs inspired by geometric forms.

Fruit coffee table by Orme The most popular Italian coffee tables

Gallery of the The most popular Italian coffee tables

Italian coffee table by Orme
Italian coffee table with modular design
Italian round wooden coffee table
Iron coffee table by Cosatto
Italian storage coffee table
Ittalian swivel coffee table
Elegant Opera coffee table
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