Square Japanese coffee table

9 Japanese coffee tables

March 18th 2018 | Unique Tables
Thinking about a coffee table for your sitting room you can choose a bright Japanese coffee table that will give you a lot of positive moments. Let’s have a look at 9 popular models. Hopefully one of them will be an inhabitant of your house: №1. This table by
Preston Ridge Rectangular Wood Top Cocktail Table by Hooker Furniture

Wood Coffee Tables with Extraordinary Looks

January 18th 2017 | Wood Table
When a question concerns buying a coffee table some people feel lost in a huge variety of furniture. Traditional and still modern wood table always attract everybody’s attention. Every year new models appear in a furniture market. They suggest tables with storage shelves built in the structure or drawers
Ashley distressed light wood coffee table

How are distressed wood coffee tables made?

December 31st 2016 | Coffee Tables
It is believed that distressed wood furniture can be pleasing to the eye for many years. Why? There are many reasons for it. They look beautifully, seem to be rather functional and as a rule are made of high quality materials with good accessories. But how are the specialists
Ameriwood Industries Altra Emmett Coffee Table and a sofa

Ameriwood Industries Altra Emmett Coffee Table

December 10th 2016 | Table of the Day
Ameriwood Industries Altra Emmett Coffee Table is represented by American brand called Ameriwood Industries, which is well-known because of its modern production process. The pieces of furniture as well as the component parts are highly appreciated at the world market. The prices are relatively low. For example, Ameriwood Industries
Nexera 220733 Allure Coffee Table

Nexera 220733 Allure Coffee Table

December 9th 2016 | Table of the Day
Nexera 220733 Allure Coffee Table is represented by famous brand called Nexera. Since 1991 its collections of furniture have become famous because of interesting design, real value and extra-ordinary functionality. Customers usually appreciate these Canadian products for its quality and the company itself for immediate shipping and beautiful service.
exclusive Marsala Coffee Table

Marsala Coffee Table

November 22nd 2016 | Table of the Day
Marsala Coffee Table is a beautiful combination of any favorable features. It suits almost every kind of interior and has a really perfect view. Marsala Coffee Table is constructed according to the tradition of contemporary fashion design. And now it costs $249.00. Table dimensions 56 inches – width; 17
Cabrio Coffee Table different styles

Cabrio Coffee Table

November 7th 2016 | Table of the Day
Cabrio Coffee Table is a real sample of exquisite and modern style. Nowadays this coffee table draws attention of customers from all over the world. There are many reasons for it, but first of all that is because of its convenient form and functionality.   Table dimensions 47 inches

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