Black lift top coffee table by the window

Black lift top coffee table

February 25th 2017 | Table of the Day
Black lift top coffee table produced by Finley Home brand, which is known for its unique and at the same time rather functional pieces of furniture. Original coffee tables are among the most requested items. Table dimensions 40 inches – width; 20 inches – depth; 18 inches – height.
contemporary Large wood coffee table with metal base

Large wooden coffee table with metal base

February 23rd 2017 | Square Tables, Table of the Day
ZUO is a modern brand which specializes in furniture with so-called Mid-Century Modern look. The company has a great collection of different materials and colors. The experienced team produces segments for dining rooms and bedrooms. All pieces of furniture are well-known because of their modern and at the same
Slate top coffee table in Pietra Dura technique

Slate top coffee table in Pietra Dura technique

February 20th 2017 | Table of the Day
Slate top coffee table in Pietra Dura technique is a unique piece of furniture which was produced by Italian manufacturer in the 20th century. As you can see the technique is really unique. The mosaic ornament is not only magnificent, but also sophisticated and carefully elaborated. Now you are
Coffee table / contemporary / in wood / not specified

What you need to know when buying beech coffee tables

February 7th 2017 | Coffee Tables
Everyone knows that the first furniture was made of wood. Our ancestors knew how durable and reliable material it was. And even today, in the age of technological progress and synthetic materials, more and more people prefer wooden furniture. Nowadays, beech furniture is very popular and coffee tables are
Oak coffee table with drawers

How to choose Coffee Tables with Drawers in a proper way?

February 6th 2017 | Coffee Tables
Just some years ago in the manufacture of coffee tables, drawers were not equipped with moving-up mechanisms. They “slipped” on internal wooden rails of the table, constantly distorting and getting stuck inside the table. Recently in furniture design a quite new destination has been appeared. This step was caused
Gold glit coffee table

Would you like to have a gold coffee table?

February 5th 2017 | Coffee Tables
Everybody knows, that gold is an old synonym of luxury, omnipotence and approaching to divinity. In almost all the world’s religions the golden colour symbolizes the sun and numerous divine principles that have only positive connotation. Moreover, this metal has been considered the most noble one at all the
Modern round cream coffee table

Cream coffee tables in our interior

February 4th 2017 | Coffee Tables
Frankly speaking, light interior is a cherished dream of many people all over the world. There are many reasons for this. That is why stylish, cheerful, suited to all shades cream colour is widely used by most designers throughout the planet in order to create sophisticated and elegant interior.
Early Large Walnut Coffee Table by George Nakashima

How much does the luxury coffee table cost?

February 3rd 2017 | Coffee Tables
Have you ever thought about the most expensive coffee tables? How much do they cost? Why are they so unusual or luxurious? Today we are going to speak about these pieces of furniture. Early Large Walnut Coffee Table by George Nakashima The design of this coffee table was elaborated

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