Modern design Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table

Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table

September 19th 2020 | Table of the Day
Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table is represented by famous brand called Chicago Gaming, which is well-known all over the world because of its successful combination of comfortable coffee tables and popular board games. Nowadays Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table costs $599.00. Table dimensions 47.6 inches – length;
Coaster Home Furnishings French coffee table

Who should purchase a French coffee table?

September 18th 2020 | Square Tables
Everybody knows that the French cannot stand the arrogance and demonstration of wealth. They consider these features to be a sign of bad taste. French style is never represented by expensive furnishings “with gold lines”. It involves noble materials and things from history, where each item features a unique
Coffee table in Queen Anne style

Coffee table in Queen Anne style

September 18th 2020 | Coffee Tables
During the times of Queen Anne in the English art appeared a new decorative style, which was called by her name. This period was also called “the walnut era”. Why? – There is a simple explanation to this phenomenon. The matter is that material was used almost exclusively for
Ashley distressed light wood coffee table

How are distressed wood coffee tables made?

September 17th 2020 | Coffee Tables
It is believed that distressed wood furniture can be pleasing to the eye for many years. Why? There are many reasons for it. They look beautifully, seem to be rather functional and as a rule are made of high quality materials with good accessories. But how are the specialists
Adeco iron coffee table

Modern iron coffee tables

September 16th 2020 | Coffee Tables
First of all, a metal table is synonymous with reliability, strength and durability. Indeed, wood and plastic can be quite easily scratched, countertops made of wood or wood-based panels may crumble, buckle under the influence of moisture and acquire unsightly stains from cups with hot coffee. Plastic and glass
Ameriwood Industries farmhouse coffee table

Farmhouse coffee tables: what to choose?

September 16th 2020 | Coffee Tables
Of course, according to experts’ point of view, wood is considered to be a king of building materials, especially when it comes to furniture. How has this material deserved so many honors? Wood farmhouse coffee table furniture is not a fashion trend, but a millennial practice. Despite all attempts,
DHP dark brown coffee table

Dark brown coffee tables in the modern interior

September 15th 2020 | Coffee Tables
Brown represents the earth, and therefore symbolizes stability, reliability, security, loyalty and even the family hearth. Psychologists distinguish this color for its ability to smooth out the stress, to calm the nervous system and even to relieve physical pain. Professionals believe that being the color of conservatism the brown
Baxton Studio plexiglass coffee table

Unforgettable plexiglass coffee table

September 13th 2020 | Coffee Tables
Plexiglass coffee tables have been widely used for apartment, house and office interior. As a rule, such furniture is represented by fairly complex structures. In the plexiglass coffee table production the companies are exclusively used eco-friendly and natural materials. These pieces of furniture can be as completely made of

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