interesting Timber Coffee Table

Timber Coffee Table

October 16th 2021 | Table of the Day
Timber Coffee Table is a set of furniture, represented by exclusive Gus* Design Group, the main office of which is situated in Toronto (Canada). It composes the elements for dining, living and sitting rooms. The most popular samples are its sofas, accent, dining and coffee tables. Table dimensions 18
Travertine coffee table for home

Popular Travertine Coffee Table

October 15th 2021 | Table of the Day
Travertine Coffee Table is a set of furniture, produced by now popular brand called Improvements, which was started in Cleveland, Ohio (USA) 18 years ago. The company tries to find the easiest and the cheapest ways to improve our home décor. It is considered to be rather affordable and
Cascade Coffee Table in your office

Cascade Coffee Table

October 13th 2021 | Table of the Day
Cascade Coffee Tables are manufactured by the famous brand called Design Lab MN, which is popular because of its different types of business, among which are design, wholesale and production of chairs, barstools and coffee tables. Table dimensions The largest one: 16 inches – length; 16 inches – width;
Dumas Coffee Table in home design

Dumas Coffee Table

October 12th 2021 | Table of the Day
The coffee tables of this kind are produced by the world famous brand called Nuevo. The name of this producer means ”new” in Spanish.  And that is really the world which can characterize all the chairs, stools, sofas and tables manufactured by this company. All of them have elaborated
Aurora Coffee Table in the room design

Aurora Coffee Table means comfort

October 12th 2021 | Table of the Day
Aurora Coffee table is a piece of furniture, which is produced by Eurostyle and considered to be the constant growing brand. Up to the present moment it takes up to 30 000 square feet of showroom space all over the USA. It specializes mainly in indoor furniture both for
Quik-Fold® Side Table for your garden

Quik-Fold® Side Table is perfect for outdoor

October 11th 2021 | Table of the Day
The table was done by well-known American company called Adams Manufactory, which is considered to be rather popular not only in the USA, but all over the planet. Why? – Because of its folding and stacking outdoor furniture, included mainly chairs, bar stools and tables. Table dimensions  19.75 inches
asian style cinnabar coffee table

How to recognize Asian coffee tables

October 7th 2021 | Coffee Tables
Asian style of interior, which is sometimes called an oriental design, reflects the culture and philosophy of Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand and other Eastern cultures. However, the most recognizable are considered to be the Chinese and Japanese ones. We are going to show you the list of the most
coffee table with drawers

When we should choose a corner coffee table?

October 5th 2021 | Coffee Tables
Nowadays the desire to create a modern, ergonomic shape is a typical characteristic of many contemporary furniture manufacturers. So today there is an impressive variety for different forms of coffee table countertops. One of the most requested shapes is a corner one, which has received a wide popularity among
Ameriwood long coffee talbe

A long coffee table in a narrow room

October 3rd 2021 | Coffee Tables
A narrow room should have as few pieces of furniture as it is possible. Arrange there only the most necessary items. According to the specialists’ point of view, large wardrobes will look too bulky in a narrow room. Select the proper color of the wallpapers. They have to be

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