Keter pop up coffee table

So popular pop-up coffee tables

March 30th 2020 | Modern Tables
If your living room or bedroom is too small to accommodate a standard coffee table, pay attention to the popular pop-up coffee table. When it is folded, this table is not distinguished from the usual box or trunk. But if you pull the special handle, this piece of furniture
Altra Furniture retro coffee table

Retro style is always in trend

March 29th 2020 | Unique Tables
Many people think that a retro style means a lot of vintage and antique objects. Of course, it is true, but only partially. In order to create a comfortable interior in retro style you have to use any things you like from your parents’ or grandparents’ homes. These features
Butler Specialty small oval coffee table

Small oval coffee tables: why are they popular?

March 27th 2020 | Coffee Tables
Everybody knows that the table is one of the most important pieces of furniture, so its appearance and functionality have always paid close attention. No matter how hard today’s manufacturers try to vary furniture design, the traditional and proven for centuries table tops have been always popular. The favorite
Jofran tile coffee table

What about a tile coffee table?

March 25th 2020 | Coffee Tables
Tile coffee table looks very presentable in any room. Its practicality and convenience are left out of competition similar to the tables made of other materials. If you want to decorate your table, you can take almost any tile you like. All in all it can be either wall
Bamboo unfinished coffee table

Unfinished coffee table is an important element of rustic style

March 24th 2020 | Coffee Tables
Despite all the technological advances and the constant development of new building materials, in this list wood will never lose its relevance. Unfinished coffee table is an environmentally friendly piece of furniture, which is well-known for its natural beauty, rich texture and excellent consumer properties. They are usually made
Distressed Wood Side Table by America Luxury

Distressed Wood Side Table

March 23rd 2020 | Table of the Day
Distressed Wood Side Table is represented by well-known brand called America Luxury. This company is famous all over the world because of its luxury and rather original pieces of furniture. It uses a lot of different material, including glass, plastic, wood and sometimes metal. America Luxury Distressed Wood Side

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