Best reclaimed coffee tables for your homes’ decoration

Author: John Smith | September 23rd 2020 | Modern Tables

noguchi coffee table Best reclaimed coffee tables for your homes decoration

noguchi coffee table

The coffee tables of reclaimed wood are quite often real masterpieces, cause they show the artist’s mood and attitude. Different models can be made in this or that way. Some artists make their tables of pieces, some use a bigger piece of wood that makes a whole table, than some other materials can be added. Don’t be afraid that reclaimed wood is used in this furniture. It is of really high quality and much better than cheap and new materials. Let’s have a look at the best examples of reclaimed coffee tables. They are awesome to help you while having tea and coffee, to store stuff and decorate your homes.

If you are fond of wooden furniture and prefer dark colors, pay your attention to Townsend coffee table. It looks fashionable and elegant, have much space for cups and trays, your favorite books and magazines. Its rustic look is so charming!

Brienfield table looks so solid! Great simple design of wooden furniture is combined with a lot of place to store useful things. This coffee table has a wide shelf you can use for every handy item you need. Such table looks very warm and invites your quests to have a cup of coffee.
Carson Forge is a brilliant example of American casual style. More than that, it’s very functional and has a lot of storage abilities. Separated shelves for magazines and books and a drawer, where you can hide small items, are perfect.

Mobile 2 Shelf Display Table is a real industrial chic. It has enough place to store everything you need, possesses wheels, so can be moved to any part of your house. This coffee table is made of mango wood, which is really durable, and iron frame. Such construction looks solid!

Round Rustic Chic Coffee Table looks bright and really urbanic. This model has a drawer, that’s very functional. The coffee table shows rich colors and play of tones. Sophisticated coffee-lovers will appreciate such model.
It may seem to you that Urban Rustic coffee table looks more like a bench. This is true. This furniture item brings up the idea of natural, eco-friendly coffee table, which will give a lot of cheerful moments to people of all ages. You are welcome to choose a personal reclaimed coffee table that fits to your room, made according to your likes and tastes and going to create a special atmosphere in your house. Warm wood of your coffee table and hot drinks in your cups will give your moments of relaxation on peace.

cube coffee table Best reclaimed coffee tables for your homes decoration

cube coffee table

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noguchi coffee table
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