New Life of Stones: Coffee Tables

Author: Emily Brown | September 5th 2021 | Modern Tables

Stone Coffee Table New Life of Stones: Coffee Tables

Stone Coffee Table

Coffee lovers always try to organize a special cozy place for drinking and coffee tables plays here a great role. Stone table can be a wonderful option for those people who want something natural in their house. It will bring a fresh atmosphere to your living room, luxury and nature energy.

Types of stone coffee tables

  1. Natural Stone tables manufactured using accurate pieces of multicolored stone materials. Such tables are handmade in a unique mosaic technique. Craftsmen use limestione, marble and slate for making wonderful masterpieces, which can take their place in your house. Patterns and drawings may be different and combine several colors. Tables are available in square, round and oval shapes. The surface of the top is sealed several times for creating an invisisble protective layer of the table.
  2. Rock Coffee tables look like a huge piece of some mountain brought into your room. The outfit of this table is really impressive. There can be irregular shapes or accurate oval and round river stone tables. The color depends on the material and differs from natural black, grey, white to pink, silver and golden. The surface of the table is smooth so you don’t need to worry about your glasses and vases standing on it. In this case a table looks like a big stone inside your house and it doesn’t have legs on any foundation.
  3. Combined Stone tables are made of several materials. The top can be marble and the rest parts of the table are wooden or chrome. Sometimes the base is also made of the stone of the same or other color.

You can choose any table you like according to the rest interior in the lounge. Style of the decor doesn’t oblige any certain characteristics of the furniture. The main thing here is your own feeling of harmony in the house. If you are sure that you have enough space for a big coffee table that will create a cozy place for relaxation, then a rock table will be the right choice. When your kitchen is rather small and you want to save some space around, you would better prefer a natural stone table, where you may select a necessary size and shape. Such table looks rich and wealthy. Combined coffee tables can be purchased in any case, due to the wide variety of their models. The main material here is stone and it always looks elegant and sublime. It has a meaning of peace and tranquility, but becoming a piece of furniture stone isn’t motionless and passive any more. It takes a new life in wonderful forms bringing beauty into our houses.

Stone Top Coffee Table New Life of Stones: Coffee Tables

Stone Top Coffee Table


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