Feeling Nostalgia with Steamer Trunk Coffee Tables

Author: Emily Brown | August 19th 2021 | Trunk Tables

suitcase coffee table Feeling Nostalgia with Steamer Trunk Coffee Tables

Double trunk coffee table, photo by Alvhem Mäkleri och Interiör

If you are looking for an unusual coffee table that can bring up retro style to the interior of your room, this awesome models of a coffee table is a perfect way out.
These coffee tables are low and made up to look as old-fashioned steamer trunks. In some cases real trunks with a flat tops are used as coffee tables.
The idea is that in older times a long travel needed a lot of staff to take. If you travelled by train or ship those times your trunk had to really be large and able to survive all the inconveniences of the travel. The way out was steamer trunks.

Nowadays such historically colorful coffee tables are made of natural materials, wood and leather, and can also be embellished with various elegant details.

Let’s look at some popular models of such tables:

  • Pyramid Trunk Coffee Table is made up of MDF wood construction with pine veneer. Such furniture item is great for storage. Your coffee and cups look great at the top. Inside there is enough space for blankets, pillows, books. This great coffee table on legs looks awesome anywhere in your house.
  • Riverside Latitudes steamer trunk coffee table, which has a lift top, is a bright decision for your house. This model is made from solid hardwood and possesses a drawer. Gorgeous style and lots of space to store say for it.
  • State Room Trunk Coffee table is created for admirers of Victorian style. In those times such baggage traveled in ships and trains. Brass hardware and steam-bent cherry wood create very nostalgic look. With this furniture item you will have a piece of Victorian Britain at home.
  • Black trunk with lock and wheels by Mercury Luggage Manufacturing Co is extra mobile and trendy. It is made from fiberboard and able to store a lot of objects. Silvery locks and handles of this model look fresh and modern.
  • Choosing a steamer trunk coffee table for your house you should know that they are special items with historic background. Such tables will decorate and brighten your living space. They are fantastic cozy coffee tables and you can store lots of useful things inside. The space is often immense, and you can fell yourself a travel of Victorian times, putting books, ,magazines, blankets inside your trunk. There is a great choice of these fantastic retro coffee tables. One can buy a cheaper and plain one or sophisticated steamer trunk coffee table with lots of gorgeous details. It’s up yo you. More than that, your can buy a plain one and decorate it yourself with the help of paint, old pictures and other elements. Than you can enjoy or tea or coffee in historic mood.
Vintage Steamer Trunk Coffee Table Feeling Nostalgia with Steamer Trunk Coffee Tables

Vintage Steamer Trunk Coffee Table

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