Selva Coffee Table

Author: Kate Anderson | October 18th 2018 | Table of the Day

Selva Coffee Table interior Selva Coffee Table
Selva Coffee Table is represented by Matrix Company, which is well-known all over the world because of its unique production. Its pieces of furniture are supplied modern and experienced European manufacturers. The quality is really high and at the same time the prices are relatively low. For example, nowadays Selva Coffee Table costs $630.00. 

Table dimensions

  • 41 inches – width;
  • 24 inches – depth;
  • 15 inches – height;
  • 82 pounds – weight.


Selva Coffee Table is made of high-quality wood for the top and steel for the frame and legs.


This model is represented in white gloss shade. It is also covered by lacquer.

Pros and cons

  • Modern design;
  • Rectangular form;
  • Hidden Storage compartment;
  • Side shelf.
  • You can’t used it outside;
  • While surface becomes dirty so easily.

Used for

  • Ideal choice for entertainment room;
  • You can arrange your laptop there;
  • Perfect variant for working and keeping different kinds of documents and books.

Give your entertainment room a face lift, with a coffee table that morphs into a laptop desk or the perfect spot to enjoy dinner and a movie. This piece offers plenty of surface area and simple, sleek design to accompany any decor.
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