Retro style is always in trend

Author: Kate Anderson | August 21st 2021 | Unique Tables

Ameriwood Industries retro coffee table Retro style is always in trend

Many people think that a retro style means a lot of vintage and antique objects. Of course, it is true, but only partially. In order to create a comfortable interior in retro style you have to use any things you like from your parents’ or grandparents’ homes. These features differ this style. For example, you can take the old grandmother’s furniture and transform it into a modern sophisticated piece of item. Set a grand piano or an old samovar, and you will achieve the desired results. But at the same time mind that the rest of the interior and design must suit.

What should be the furniture in this style? For example, what kinds of retro coffee tables we should take?

According to the specialists’ point of view, it can be very unpredictable, and form is the most important focus. The material has been of secondary importance, but the unusual shape is definitely the main feature. A very popular form of the sofa or a coffee table in a retro style is the shape of a large flower bud; human hand was used as the inspiration for the furniture in this direction. Very often you can find a sofa, reminding the women painted lips.

Usually people choose less extravagant forms of the furniture, but all of them are relatively unusual. Retro coffee tables, for example, can be of different shapes, but usually they are round with the features of aged covering.

Gallery of the Retro style is always in trend

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