Peculiar features of Danish coffee tables

Author: Kate Anderson | August 24th 2021 | Coffee Tables

ModHaus Danish coffee table Peculiar features of Danish coffee tables

Nowadays the modern Danish coffee tables have a great variety of different features. Let’s discuss some of them.

  1.     Respect and love for the natural environment, which are so bright and clearly visible in the unique products. Propensity to natural materials, especially wood.
  2.     The addiction to soft muted tones, the color of the coastal sand, rocks and cold blue-gray North Sea.
  3.     Flat and slightly curved forms, laconism, ease and ability to focus and to arrange a variety of objects in a small space.
  4.     In Denmark, in the interiors of houses and apartments light colors are usually dominated. Walls are usually white with contrasts of bright accessories and accents. As a rule all of them have subtle patterns. But also you can see some additions in shades of green, red or brown, garnet and black.
  5.     An important role in the Danish style, as well as in Scandinavian, plays natural light in combination with the bright snow-white color of the ceiling. They make the interior seem more spacious.
  6.     And in order to give this room a little bit of warmth, for some elements of the walls and furniture they use organic materials, especially wood, natural fabrics and leather. For example, from these material Danish coffee tables are usually made.
  7.     Danes always try to avoid excessive color saturation and glamor. Their motto is the beauty of life inside and outside. This is just a simple brilliance!

Gallery of the Peculiar features of Danish coffee tables

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