Rich diversity of circular coffee tables

Author: John Smith | September 6th 2021 | Glass Tables

antique coffee table Rich diversity of circular coffee tables

antique coffee table

Are you looking for a coffee table? Ok, which form do you prefer? Square, oval, round? Good, a circular coffee table is a nice decision. What color, grey, black, white? Fine, white is classical and modern at the same time, let’s stick to it.

Round coffee tables are liked by people because:

  1. They are different from frequent square coffee tables
  2. More people can sit on them
  3. You and your friends can imagine yourselves the Knights of the Round table

Round coffee tables can be made of of various materials in different styles. Let’s see some of them.

  1. Didymos coffee table by Vero Design is marble, its top has a lovely pattern. The bright characteristic of this model is a funny leg looking like legs of a cartoon character. This table looks like a part of kids’ room. Why can’t grown-ups use it and feel the magic atmosphere of happiness?
  2. Ring Cofee table looks like a big gadget button. It is low, has enough space and surprises with its classical design.
  3. One more interesting model is performed by WIS Design, it’s Casamania coffee table. You will be so surprised to see that this coffee table is made in form of … a button! That’s very unusual and cute! And the table’s legs are like clinches. You will have a really funny tea party with such coffee table!
  4. Modern Sybil table by Hayneedle looks like a masterpiece of modern art. This table has a base, a top and one big leg. The base plays a role of great shelf for books and other stuff.
  5. Softline TriBeca coffee table is a universal model, that can be used on verandah, in the garden, or in the flat. It has awesome legs of garden tables.
  6. We’ve noticed a great combination of marble and wood in GET coffee table. It has a top of white marble and small rounded legs of wood. Such contrast of two colors and materials is stunning!
  7. Moroso coffee table by Victoria and Albert significantly has three legs and a very pleasant look. Such table is not very big, and you will find space for it anywhere in your house.
  8. If you get several Leila coffee tables by E15, you can create a composition, stacking one above the other and inviting more people. Kids will be excited with this idea!

We believe that you will look through our examples and also can find some other bright circular coffee tables for your living space.
Choose a table which style, characteristics and materials are to your taste and have great time with your friends and family. Surely, they will appreciate your taste and enjoy their tea or coffee.

retro coffee table Rich diversity of circular coffee tables

retro coffee table

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