Coffee Tables That Boggle Your Imagination

Author: Emily Brown | April 27th 2021 | Modern Tables

Modern Coffee Tables Coffee Tables That Boggle Your Imagination

Black Modern Coffee Tables

Coffee table becomes necessary in every home for having a drink with friends, watching football, playing video games or working on a laptop. Contemporary houses demand of pieces of furniture that look unusual and extravagant. There are some modern coffee tables where designers have done their best to astonish everyone.

The production of Noguchi coffee tables in 1940’s with a surprising design inspired other companies to move in the same direction. A glass transparent top is based on crossed legs, whose variations can be absolutely different. It proves a superb minimalism, where a simple form looks timeless.

Another extraordinary cocktail table looks like falling dominoes. It is made of wood with a glass or hardwood top of the table. The effect of this item in your living room will be indescribable.

Some designers suggest tables in a shape of a musical instrument: guitar, piano and others. Such elegant view will definitely match your lounge bringing romantic atmosphere to your house.

A very creative idea of using a small boat with a glass surface as a coffee table must get your attention for sure. It is so great to have a hot chocolate or coffee on one of these rainy days looking inside the boat, where you can store your seashells and scrimshaw.

Continuing a marine theme, we suggest an aquarium coffee table. There are many shapes and designs of such tables, but water and fish present everywhere. It is so relaxing to drink tea and watch fish swimming back and forth. This special table will give you a chance to go away from everyday problems and have a good meditation watching clean sparkling water. This place will become favorite for you cat as well.

Rather usual ottoman coffee tables transformed to tables unfolding into sofas. When unexpected guests arrive, you don’t have to think over extra chairs. Just lift the top of the table as you open a book and the magic begins.

It is worth saying about interactive coffee tables that can beautify a contemporary apartment. High technology allows to drink coffee and work at the table without taking a laptop. You can watch photos, watch a movie and listen to music. Just touch the screen and surprise everybody around.
And the last modern coffee table we want to describe you is a book coffee table. It is so small that you can keep it on the shelf and take it when you are thirsty for a cup of coffee. Take a seat on the sofa and open a coffee table book, which allows you to put your cup and relax.

Modern Coffee Table Designs Coffee Tables That Boggle Your Imagination

Modern Coffee Table Designs



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