Metal coffee table: cheap vs. expensive

Author: Kate Anderson | June 21st 2021 | Сheap vs. Expensive

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Usually coffee table is an important element in our house or flat. Why are we thinking like this? Frankly speaking there are many reasons for this statement. First of all we can keep a lot of necessary things just on it. Then it is possible to arrange the drinks on its top, or even to bring it to the garden and to work outdoors. How to choose something special? What should it be from? – Wood? Glass? Plastic? Or perhaps, metal?  Today we are going to find out the difference between two pieces of furniture: Sterling Coffee Table and War Craft Coffee Table.

Common features

  • Pleasant appearance;
  • Form which is suitable for almost every style;
  • Modern, contemporary and popular design;
  • Convenient shape and stable construction;
  • No shelves.

 Pros and cons

Sterling Coffee Table

War Craft Coffee Table


Sandcast aluminum

Aluminum, Teak


Made in India


Product dimensions

h. 14“ x  w. 31.5” x d.31.5”

h. 16.25 “ x  w. 42 “. x d. 5 ft.


Natural gray

Black and white




 Used for

  • Different kinds of premises: sitting and living rooms, as well as bedrooms and garden houses;
  • Good variant for modern and extravagant offices;
  • Perfect choice for garden parties;
  • During the various gatherings and parties your refreshments will look beautifully on them.

Gallery of the Metal coffee table: cheap vs. expensive

War Craft Coffee Table
War Craft Coffee Table modern interior
War Craft Coffee Table legs
Sterling Coffee Table
Sterling Coffee Table living room
Sterling Coffee Table interior
Sterling Coffee Table  side view
common photo
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