How to accessorize coffee tables successfully

Author: John Smith | May 26th 2021 | Coffee Tables

 How to accessorize coffee tables successfully

Coffee table accessories

Coffee tables are usual inhabitants of all living rooms. Quite often they are full of books and magazines, papers, remote controls and other things. But it’s up to you how to arrange your living space. If you want, you can put accessories on your coffee table in a trendy and fashionable way.

Let’s have a look at the following tips that can be useful organizing your coffee tables:

  1. Add up life and vivid atmosphere with the help of organic elements. They can help to get attention of your guests and change the impression. The most popular and successful elements for coffee tables are flowers and candles.
  2. Interesting idea to impress with your coffee table is to use objects in different height and scale. For that purpose one can use books, sculptures, flower vases and candles.
  3. Putting a tray on you coffee table, you add one more layer with a different color, pattern and structure. It’s so easy just to put a tray on the top, but it adds up a lot. For a better view you can accessorize the tray with pictures, photos , coasters and flowers.
  4. You can simply put one remarkable item on the coffee table that will be eye-catching. This can be anything- a lamp, picture, book, or other item you choose for that purpose. You can also remember that people can associate you and your taste with this key element.

It is great when the colors of the accessories match with the coffee table and other objects in the room.

Let’s have a look at successful organization of accessories on coffee tables in real homes:

  1. This glass table looks very vivid. There is a glass vase on it full of gorgeous yellow tulips. Next to it there is a neat pile of the host’s favorite books. On this coffee table there is also a round tray with a couple of glass art pieces. That’s a lovely organization! Some accessories are of the same material and color as the coffee table, flowers bring up life, books- thought and art pieces – style.
  2. The marble coffee table with just a couple of books and a small black tray looks solid and thoughtful.
  3. Simple, but bright! A square wooden table with just one elegant vase in the centre.

To sum everything up, we can say that only you can accessorize your coffee in the best way. You know your room and feel how its items should be set in. Simple or sophisticated, your coffee table is reflection of your ideas and thoughts. Just take your favorite books, vases, art pieces and trays and make them the accessories of your table. Try new styles and objects to create a different mood! Good luck!

glass coffee table accessories How to accessorize coffee tables successfully

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