Best Way to Extend Your Living Room with Large Storage Coffee Table

Author: John Smith | September 13th 2021 | Unique Tables

Brown large wood coffee tables with storage Best Way to Extend Your Living Room with Large Storage Coffee Table

Brown large wood coffee table with storage

This is a good idea to transform and impart a definite style to you house. If you need a low table and you have many different things at your room like books, magazines, photo albums, music disks or something else, you can buy a large storage coffee table. More living space without unnecessary furniture, boxes and interesting design of the room will be the result of this right decision.

Of course, it is not so easy. Let`s pay attention to some key points:


If your living room is designed in classical style with quiet colours, better to choose beige, cream or milk chocolate colour for a coffee table. Generally all parts of furniture in this case are in the same range of colours. But if you prefer modern design and bright accents – it is possible to locate coffee table of fuchsia or orange colour in the center of your living room.


The range of coffee table materials is huge. The most popular is wood: oak, nut, ash, cherry-tree. But it is not necessary to make a choice for natural wood. There are so many ways to select a quality and attractive furniture from other modern materials which looks like natural. Maybe some interesting materials, for example, artificial rattan or mirror will be more you’ll like. But keep in mind, if you buy large storage coffee table made from clear glass, all stuff that you`ll put inside will be available for observation.

Form and size

Choose storage coffee table based on size of your room and other furniture. Your can order huge square coffee table with 10 or even 16 drawers or round medium-sized coffee table with one or two shelves. Very original variant of this convenient piece of furniture is ottoman storage coffee table from textile or with leather effect.

Have you heard anything about Feng shui? This is a life ordering and prosperity Chinese art. And the most popular instruments of it are cleanness, free space for positive energy qi and harmony of all parts of the interior. So why you don`t use some rules of Feng shui in your living room and allow your large, functional and stylish coffee table with storage to improve your life?

coffee table designs Best Way to Extend Your Living Room with Large Storage Coffee Table

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