How to recognize Asian coffee tables

Author: Kate Anderson | April 24th 2021 | Coffee Tables

appealing vintage coffee table How to recognize Asian coffee tables

Asian style of interior, which is sometimes called an oriental design, reflects the culture and philosophy of Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand and other Eastern cultures. However, the most recognizable are considered to be the Chinese and Japanese ones.

We are going to show you the list of the most important features of Asian coffee tables.

They are the following:

1. Style uniqueness

Asian coffee tables are expressed in bold colors and are usually combined with richly decorated furniture and accessories performed in the oriental style, of course. Asian coffee tables are usually made up of carved wooden structures decorated with hand-painted details and lacquered richly.

2. Animal and mythological motifs

Accessories usually continue this style, showing animals and mythological motifs of different creatures, as a rule, monkeys and dragons. Asian coffee tables are painted with complex ornaments in different colors or in classic blue and white combination. You can often see murals that depict historical characters of the legendary scenes in bright and spectacular color palette.

3. The dominance of red color

The red color is dominant in Chinese style interior design, because it symbolizes “good luck” in Asian culture. Other bright colors such as yellow and green are used as the main accents of Asian coffee tables.

4. Popularity and demand

Interpretation of European interior objects performed under Asian decor, is in great demand today, although originally a fashion for this kind of interior became popular in Europe back in the mid-1800s.

5. Quality and naturalness of the using materials

Bamboo and other natural materials provide the background for a calm color palette, as a rule brown, gray and green. Soft floral patterns and colors are combined with decorative ceramics.

6. Simplicity and attractiveness

The simplicity of Japanese style is particularly attractive for modern and minimalist design solutions. Silk is a must in this type of interior, and silk fabrics can have artistic painting or embroidery or appear in complex structures. Over Asian coffee table set near the walls the beautiful kimono can be arranged as a special kind of decoration.

In general, it should be noted that the Asian style of interior design works only in that cases when it covers all the living space, recreation and relaxation zones. It is necessary to maintain the line strictness, all the furniture should be presented in a simple and understandable way. The plenty of accessories is not desirable in this style. Gradually, you can start adding the art of feng shui, which does not tolerate haste and prefers reasonableness and emotions. It helps you to create your interior in a perfect Asia style.

asian large carved coffee table How to recognize Asian coffee tables

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