How to make a coffee table by yourself?

Author: Natalie Thornton | August 20th 2021 | Trunk Tables, Unique Tables

It is not a secret that the most unique thing is one that is made by your own hands. It concerns furniture items and décor elements as well. If you have a rich imagination and like to craft something at home – then a handmade coffee table is your topic.
We will show you simple examples how to make a coffee table by yourself. Some people may consider them to be too elementary; others will see a novelty in our ideas.
Here we can single out two different approaches in a handmade skill.
Firstly, you may give a new life to old things hidden in your pantry. Let us take some shabby chest with a distressed look that can fulfill a role of a rustic coffee table in your lounge. Some light renovation like painting or lacquering will give a new appearance to old furniture. A huge box inside can be used for keeping different items inside like blankets or pillows. Some small planks can divide a big box into several units for comfortable storage as well. The funniest thing here is that you don’t build a new thing; you just return to usage a forgotten chest or a trunk. The surface of the top is so large that you can serve coffee for all your guests at once.Wood storage chest coffee table How to make a coffee table by yourself?
Here is a vintage trunk with four legs in a role of a coffee table.
Steamer trunk coffee table How to make a coffee table by yourself?

That group of our readers who like to craft sometimes and has this hobby, may be interested how to build a coffee table. There are three suggestions one of which you may surely love.
• The first one is a pallet coffee table. You may use one or several pallets, new or used ones with markings and stampings. In each case you will receive a unique and a functional coffee table. An additional shelf provides a wide space for items storage. Magazine and newspapers, remotes and gadgets will always be arranged in order. Rustic look of this table can match a cottage and a modern style as well.Wood pallet coffee table with wheels How to make a coffee table by yourself?
For an easy transportation you may affix four wheels which also can be nicely decorated. The surface of the table you would better cover with a non-toxic paint. Pallet coffee table with decorative wheels How to make a coffee table by yourself?
• Another unusual idea is a construction of a coffee table from wine or soda crates. You will need four wine crates, rolling wheels, heavy duty plywood and a can or wood stain. Using tools you must screw wheels into the plywood base and bolt all four crates to each other making sure they all fit. Then all wood sections are to be painted in any color you like. As a result you get a multifunctional coffee table with four storage boxes and a huge hollow in the middle for a flower vase.

Wine crates coffee table How to make a coffee table by yourself?

The same idea can be realized with soda crates. Under the glass top you can place your see shells collection or family photos.

Soda crates coffee table How to make a coffee table by yourself?
• If you like to go hiking and have a rest outside you may gather some tree branches, old roots or tree stumps for a future decoration. Natural wood will be a great element in a coffee table when used as a top or base of the table. You may add a glass top for a sleek look. There are some successful examples of such tables.Tree stump coffee table How to make a coffee table by yourself?


Tangled root coffee table with a glass top How to make a coffee table by yourself?
Don’t be afraid to do some things by yourself. It takes a couple of weekends and as a result you will get a fantastic and one-of-a-kind coffee table.

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