How to choose a kid-friendly coffee table

Author: Emily Brown | August 9th 2021 | Modern Tables

When a family has a child its lifestyle changes significantly. Familiar things take new roles. Some stuff has to be hidden to keep the child safe around the home. provides some criteria when choosing a coffee table formulated for those who have a child over 7 months old. Starting from this age, children begin to move independently all along the home, and that is why each thing on their way in the home has to be carefully selected.

green kid friendly coffee table How to choose a kid friendly coffee table

Green kid-friendly coffee table, Ikea


So here you are:

  1. Choose a coffee table made of soft materials such as plastic, leather or cloth.
  2. A coffee table should have no sharp corners. Go for round and oval shapes for the pieces of furniture, or the one with rounded corners.
  3. The table must be stable to avoid any risk of overturning, so choose a medium or large size furniture.
  4. Previously determine whether you want to allow your child reaching the table surface and probably any stuff on it. If you do, so choose a low table.
  5. If you prefer to use the maximum space, go for a coffee table with so-called ‘hidden drawers’ which don’t attract the baby’s attention.
  6. Kids love bright colors, that’s why select a coffee table of green, yellow or red colors.

Gallery of the How to choose a kid-friendly coffee table

white soft coffee tables
Unusual soft leather brown coffee table
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kid friendly coffee table
green round coffee table
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Colored soft top coffee table with carved legs
Colored modern outdoor coffee table
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