Flat World Paper Coffee Table

Author: Kate Anderson | October 20th 2018 | Table of the Day

Flat World Paper Coffee Table variant Flat World Paper Coffee Table

Flat World Paper Coffee Table is represented by Flat World® brand which is famous for creative and rather extra-ordinary models. The company always tries to astonish its customers by something unusual. We can’t but mention that unusual is almost everything:  materials, style and the area of its furniture using. Flat World Paper Coffee Table costs $89.99.

Table dimensions

  • 16.5 inches – height;
  • 14.2 inches – diameter.


This coffee table is made of special paper with waterproof and hexagonal honeycomb structure lines.


Flat World Paper Coffee Table is of two shades: white and light brown.

Pros and cons


  • Modern style;
  • Contemporary design;
  • Recycle paper used for this kind of table;
  • Easy construction.


  • Can’t be used outside;
  • You can dirty it easily;
  • It is difficult to clean it.

Used for

  • Modern houses or flats;
  • Contemporary offices;
  • Perfect choice for those who love having a cup of coffee in front of TV;
  • You can arrange your books, statues and clocks there.

Our registered brand to USPTO: Flatworld®
About the Organ Paper Furniture:

1、This is an amazing design, every young heart desire to own it. Fashion and cool life, change a fresh and pleasant life experience. Just follow us, you deserve it .

2、Our designers focused on the design and production of organ type furniture. Give a chance to express the charming of special Kraft paper.

3、 It can be stacked to its minimum size with both ends attached magnet which can be closed firmly and maximum size to a cylinder weight-bearing stool. Easy for storage and transfer.

4、Not only the surprise for friends in parties, meeting and department store to accommodate lots of people, but also the art life style for home, compared to traditional furniture. It also be treated as an adornment while not in use.

Why Choose Us:

1、 Kraft paper is special, tensile compressive folding wear strong is our exclusive development. It is also distinctive, arranged in different poses of variables style.

2、The unique organ style Kraft paper sofa stool has the advantages of Environmental protection, energy saving, compactly integral process and space saving.

3、All of our actions have the mission and vision of environmental protection, our unique material has a recycled service life of 5 to 10 years.

4、For structural reasons, directly sit would bring the smart stool some slightly indentations. Don't worry , we have prepared a cushion as protector, more beautiful and durable.

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