Dumas Coffee Table

Author: Kate Anderson | April 29th 2021 | Table of the Day

brown Dumas Coffee Table Dumas Coffee Table

The coffee tables of this kind are produced by the world famous brand called Nuevo. The name of this producer means ”new” in Spanish.  And that is really the world which can characterize all the chairs, stools, sofas and tables manufactured by this company. All of them have elaborated design and are considered to be a perfect choice for modern people.

Table dimensions

  • 10 inches – height;
  • 35.5 inches – width;
  • 35.5 inches – depth;
  • Total weight – 94.8 pounds.


The MDF construction is performed from high-quality walnut.


Dumas Coffee Table can be of different colors, but the most popular ones are ivory, pure white, brown and black.

Pros and cons


  • Easy to use;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Durable;
  • Contemporary design.


  • Unsuitable for small premises;
  • Can’t be used outdoors.

Used for:

  • Living rooms and bedrooms;
  • Perfect choice for those who prefer parties or family gatherings at home;
  • A good place for walking. – You can arrange your books and documents on it;
  • An ideal supports for vases, plants, lamps and night-lights;
  • For storing different things.

Gallery of the Dumas Coffee Table

popular Dumas Coffee Table
Dumas Coffee Table in ordinary position
Dumas Coffee Table for storing things
Dumas Coffee Table in home design
brown Dumas Coffee Table
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