Cylinder Coffee Table

Author: Kate Anderson | July 28th 2021 | Square Tables

Harden Cylinder Coffee table Cylinder Coffee Table

Cylinder Coffee Table is represented by well-known brand called Harden. This company is famous for many years, as it has been kept be five generations of owner. Each of them created something new, making all pieces of furniture correspond the taste of every epoch. Cylinder Coffee Table has a very rare form, but it makes the table popular among the customer.

Table dimensions

  • 18 inches – diameter;
  • 18 inches – height.


This coffee table is made of cherry.

Cylinder Coffee Table is available in different shades, with or without the ornament.

Pros and cons


  • Modern style;
  • Contemporary design;
  • Reliable construction;
  • Interesting and unusual decoration.


  • Can’t be used outside;
  • The light finish becomes dirty so easily.

Used for

  • Modern houses and flats;
  • Up-to-date offices;
  • Good ideal for kitchens and sitting rooms;
  • Ideal variant for small rooms;
  • You can use it as a bed-side table.

Gallery of the Cylinder Coffee Table

Cylinder Coffee table by Harden
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