The harden grace from brutal material: concrete coffee table

Author: Emily Brown | September 5th 2021 | Unique Tables

Concrete Coffee Table The harden grace from brutal material: concrete coffee table

Concrete Coffee Table 

According to the latest trends in the sphere of design and architecture, concrete acquired the right for life, not only on buildings, but also in our houses. Concrete walls, floors, furniture and even lamps and decorative elements, it is very fashionable now.

Material, itself created the reputation and permits to create very interesting designs, including even furniture, and has great opportunities for its application. Plasticity of the architectural concrete, gives possibilities fully to show the creative potential. The imagination as it is known has no borders.

The coffee tables made of concrete look magnificently. The sanded surface of the table looks incredibly elegantly and stylishly, that sometimes, apparently, that in the production other material, but only not concrete was applied.

Concrete coffee tables are modern, fashionable and exclusive. Such tables are steady against wear and can represent interesting variants.

They often combine with other materials. It can be and wood, and metal, and plastic.

Concrete elements which are the basis of the actual subject line of the little table, remind a natural stone. A rigors basic form softens by the light wood and it is looking pleasant for eyes. And we can see such detail of the table – fire integrated into a table on which, as we know, it is possible to look infinitely.

Drawings will permit to add softness for design solutions of the concrete coffee tables. Designers paint single flowers, geometric figures that made simplicity of the material is more graceful.

Characteristics of concrete give the original form for little tables. There are tables looking as infinity. It is possible to vary such coffee tables, combining the various styles in them. So, for example, the concrete table-top is added with wooden blocks from below. The accurate combination of lines will approach as for country and modern style.

Various fillers which designers add to concrete create the imitation of marble. It also gives to elegance to concrete coffee tables.

It is possible using a metal framework and covers it with a concrete square blade. There will be strict and in the same time the stylish coffee table. Leave noticeable the texture of concrete, and natural simplicity will remarkably emphasize your interior.

If you need to store some things on a look, the concrete coffee table with the lower shelf instead of legs will become a remarkable repository for magazines, books and other things.

But it is important to remember that such concrete tables rather heavy therefore it is necessary to choose the certain place for them where it will gracefully supplement the interior.

Concrete Top Coffee Table The harden grace from brutal material: concrete coffee table

Concrete Top Coffee Table


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