Coffee tables in the Royal Houses

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All of us have coffee tables at home. They can be different: round and square, massive and sophisticated, plain and with some inscriptions on them. In general coffee tables are considered to be a real icon of the traditional design. But have you ever thought about these pieces of furniture in the modern Royal houses?
Are they different or more or less similar to ours? Let’s see.

Buckingham palace

B. Obama residence Coffee tables in the Royal Houses

It can’t but mention that everything in this house is in official style. The most part of the inner furniture is of regular shape, without any embellishments and intricate ornaments on the main surface. Only the legs have been designed thoroughly. Now they are reminding an ancient musical instrument, called harp and as a rule attracts a lot of attention. This element of furniture is of noble dark brown color with lighter cover without any decoration.

Princes William and Harry’s official London home

Princes William and Harrys official London home Coffee tables in the Royal Houses

This house looks quite plain. We can’t see any pomposity here. But at the same time everything is rather stylish. For example, round coffee table at the corner has been carefully elaborated. The decoration of its cover reflects the one of the wall panels. Its round form makes the impression of easy and modern. The coffee tables in this house usually have many different objects into. In most cases they are introduced by statues, pictures and flowers. We can’t but mention that the forms of the tables are as a rule similar.

Queen Anne Victorian Mansion

Queen Anne Victorian Mansion Coffee tables in the Royal Houses

What makes this house so special? Somebody is sure that this is a special color shade. – It is rather dark, so at the first glance the room looks even a bit gloomy. But according to the specialist’s point of view this effect is achieved by furniture. For example, a regular coffee table arranged in the middle of the room is in the same style with other pieces (armchairs, a sofa, windows and even doors). It has a plain upper surface, but the sides are carefully elaborated. By the way, this element plays an important role for the dwellers. How have we known this? – Look! A table has a drawer, which tells that it can be used for keeping newspapers, magazines and perhaps, some documents.

Coffee table from Windsor Castle

queens castle Coffee tables in the Royal Houses

This is one more coffee table from the British Queen’s mansion. It is also round, but has a covering, which is rather helpful when you often use it for working, for example, for writing or signing documents. The green color makes it more informal and the animal statues as well flowers and photos give this piece of furniture the feeling of easy and hearth.

Royal Suite in London

Royal Suite in London Coffee tables in the Royal Houses

The collection of the Royal coffee tables would be incomplete without this specimen. Round table of two colors, dark copper and black, becomes a real decoration of the rom. This is rather small, but at the same time tall, element, usually used for inner design than to its intended purpose. Frankly speaking, it is really difficult to imagine it as furniture for working. But flowers on it look perfectly, especially when the plants themselves as well as a vase have a bit rounded form.

The Queen Sofia’s home residence

the queen of spain home residence Coffee tables in the Royal Houses
Coffee tables are able to tell much about their owners. For example, the Spanish Queen Sofia likes mild design of soft colors. Looking at her coffee table, which is regular and rather long we can tell that the hostess of the home is a family person, but at the same time she adores friendly parties. You see its design is informal, but the coffee table size indicates the owner’s hospitality and outgoing.

Yellow oval room in White House

yellow oval room in white house Coffee tables in the Royal Houses

This room is well-known for many things, but first of all as a reception place for official meetings. The coffee table, standing here, is rather interesting. Why? First of all, it completes the inner design of the room, fitting into it rather harmoniously. The cover decor has the same ornament as a carpet on the floor, which looks so stylish. The legs, in their turn, are similar to the lamps and candelabrums. What makes it really special is a lamp. It and the coffee table make an impression of one unique unit.

Gallery of the Coffee tables in the Royal Houses

The Quenn's sitting room with coffee table
The Royal Collection © 2002, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Photo: Derry Moore
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