Coffee Tables In Celebrities’ Homes

Author: Natalie Thornton | September 20th 2021 | Coffee Tables, Modern Tables, Unique Tables

All people are very curious by their nature. Some of us decorating our flats want to know how the celebrities’ homes look like. Let us sneak into several houses of famous persons and borrow unusual design details. Hollywood stars invite famous architects to decorate their luxurious houses in a unique way.

• At first we want to visit a house of a great and talented singer and actress, that is Madonna. Her younger brother Christopher Ciccone became the main designer in her Manhattan’s apartments. Quiet colors fill the whole atmosphere; most part of the furniture is antique. In the lounge we can see a noble black lacquered coffee table matching cozy armchairs near the fireplace in a perfect way.Black Lacquered Coffee Table in Madonnas house Coffee Tables In Celebrities Homes
• The minimalism admirer Gwyneth Paltrow prefers modern art and pastel shades in her house at Long Island. In the living room in front of the fireplace there is a white round ottoman. It looks so gentle and fresh with wonderful vases and bright flowers on it.

White round ottoman at Gwyneth Paltrows Coffee Tables In Celebrities Homes
• A unique actress and singer Jennifer Lopez shows us a house full of light where we feel how natures wakes up in the morning. The most dominating here is the art deco style. On the pictures below you can see two different living rooms in white and beige colors. The forms and shapes of coffee tables are various and all of them look harmonic.

Several Coffee Tables in Jennifer Lopez place1 Coffee Tables In Celebrities Homes

Classic Brown Coffee Table at Jennifer Lopez Coffee Tables In Celebrities Homes
• Another professional singer Mariah Carey created a fairy romantic atmosphere in her New York apartment with the help of a designer Mario Buatta. He asked her to remind positive and bright moments from her past, so he could connect it somehow with main accents of the interior. Mariah spent her childhood in a poor district, so she decided to use her intuition and they both did a great décor with a sensual luxury. Two dark glass coffee tables with decorative legs make the living room look so romantic.

Glass Coffee Tables Mariah Carey Coffee Tables In Celebrities Homes
• One more famous woman Ali Wentworth shows a comfortable and feminine touch in her house décor. She admits that she has changed many apartments and finally decided to do everything in the best way. Her designer took into consideration her love for Eastern and African culture. Three different coffee tables are represented on the photos below. The first one has a glass top on the brass foundation; the second table is made of wood and looks so solid. The third one is a brown velvet ottoman with a storage box inside.

Glass Table in Ali Wentworths house1 Coffee Tables In Celebrities Homes


Rustic Wood Coffee Table at Ali Wentworth1 Coffee Tables In Celebrities Homes

Brown Ottoman at Ali Wentworth Coffee Tables In Celebrities Homes
Courtney Cox wanted to become a designer before her actress’s career. She even has some knowledge in this topic, but in decoration of her house she invited a professional architect. Conceptuality is the main direction of the décor here. There is a white round coffee table with an additional shelf underneath. It is an ideal set with two white ottomans near and light walls as well.
On another side of the lounge we observe a dark brown square coffee table which also goes in an ideal combination with light furniture.

White Round Coffee Table in Courtney Coxs house Coffee Tables In Celebrities Homes

Brown Stone table at Courtney Cox Coffee Tables In Celebrities Homes
Now you can select what décor style you like best and use some new ideas in your interior.

Gallery of the Coffee Tables In Celebrities’ Homes

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