Buckingham palace

Coffee tables in the Royal Houses

January 27th 2017 | Coffee Tables, Unique Tables
All of us have coffee tables at home. They can be different: round and square, massive and sophisticated, plain and with some inscriptions on them. In general coffee tables are considered to be a real icon of the traditional design. But have you ever thought about these pieces of
Unique coffee table

Unique Coffee Tables is part of your imagination

January 19th 2017 | Unique Tables
The stylish coffee table is a connection of a practicality and embodiment of original idea. Unconventionally embodied this design element will competently add the interior of each drawing room, having made it fuller and complete. Unique coffee tables are not only the part of furniture, but also ability to
furniture coffee tables

A History of Coffee Tables

January 16th 2017 | Unique Tables
The usual simple coffee tables are actually much more younger than anyone could suppose. They’ve become a huge hit only during the first half of the 20th century but their history still goes far beyond this period. It’s just before there were coffee tables as we are used to

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