Holly Martin Lavrock End Trunk - White glossy finish, birch veneer construction, modern style, $250

Refresh your room with a modern end table

May 14th 2019 | Modern Tables
If you want to refresh your living room or bedroom and add some contemporary element, you would better choose a modern end table. It is so hard to imagine any room without an end table. It fulfills many functions: first of all, it provides a large space for books,
Keter pop up coffee table

So popular pop-up coffee tables

May 2nd 2019 | Modern Tables
If your living room or bedroom is too small to accommodate a standard coffee table, pay attention to the popular pop-up coffee table. When it is folded, this table is not distinguished from the usual box or trunk. But if you pull the special handle, this piece of furniture
kid friendly coffee table

How to choose a kid-friendly coffee table

April 20th 2019 | Modern Tables
When a family has a child its lifestyle changes significantly. Familiar things take new roles. Some stuff has to be hidden to keep the child safe around the home. coffeetablereview.com provides some criteria when choosing a coffee table formulated for those who have a child over 7 months old. Starting
Colored modern coffee table with storage

Why better to choose a coffee table with storage?

March 26th 2019 | Modern Tables
Coffee tables can be not only a beautiful interior detail, but also a useful peace of furniture. It is suitable for storage of newspapers and magazines, and also for a family tea parties and intimate gatherings. Tables with shelves perfect for storage of different gadgets. On the shelf you

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