Simple black gloss coffee table

Black Gloss Coffee Table: smart decision for interior

May 21st 2019 | Coffee Tables
The furniture with a gloss surface, also as well as furniture with mirrors, is capable to expand visually even the smallest space of any room. Also, this furniture has opportunity to create the atmosphere of comfort, light, space and freedom. For these reasons, the furniture with gloss surface enjoys
Mid Century Modern Coffee Table

Mid-Century Style Comes Back

May 18th 2019 | Coffee Tables
Mid-century style in furniture always stays popular because of its simplicity and elegance. The play of shapes and textures combined with functionality looks very comfortable and attractive. Coffee tables in a mid-century style also can be characterized as calm and comfy thanks to their modest forms. The 50’s brought
Cuba dark sheesham coffee table

Why are sheesham coffee tables so expensive?

May 15th 2019 | Coffee Tables
For many centuries sheesham has been considered to be a famous exotic type of wood. From the beauty standpoint only few breeds can compete with sheesham. Why? Frankly speaking, there are many reasons. The most appreciated type varies in color from dark brown to purple, with streaks of black
Coffee table in Queen Anne style

Coffee table in Queen Anne style

May 8th 2019 | Coffee Tables
During the times of Queen Anne in the English art appeared a new decorative style, which was called by her name. This period was also called “the walnut era”. Why? – There is a simple explanation to this phenomenon. The matter is that material was used almost exclusively for
Ashley distressed light wood coffee table

How are distressed wood coffee tables made?

May 7th 2019 | Coffee Tables
It is believed that distressed wood furniture can be pleasing to the eye for many years. Why? There are many reasons for it. They look beautifully, seem to be rather functional and as a rule are made of high quality materials with good accessories. But how are the specialists

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