Cascade Coffee Table

Author: Kate Anderson | January 8th 2019 | Table of the Day

Cascade Coffee Table side view Cascade Coffee Table

Cascade Coffee Tables are manufactured by the famous brand called Design Lab MN, which is popular because of its different types of business, among which are design, wholesale and production of chairs, barstools and coffee tables.

Table dimensions

The largest one:

  • 16 inches – length;
  • 16 inches – width;
  • 16.5 inches – height.

The medium one:

  • 15 inches – length;
  • 15 inches – width;
  • 14.5 inches – height.

The smallest one:

  • 14 inches – length;
  • 14 inches – width;
  • 12.6 inches – height.


All the pieces are made of transparent glass.


Light, transparent.

Pros and cons


  • Rounded and rather safe edges;
  • Convenient square shape;
  • Lightweight tables;
  • Can be stored easily.


  • Can be scratched;
  • You can’t use it for heavy things.

Used for:

  • Contemporary offices;
  • Modern flats;
  • Small rooms.

Cascade Clear Coffee Table
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Gallery of the Cascade Coffee Table

modern Cascade Coffee Table
Cascade Coffee Table saves your space
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Cascade Coffee Table in your office
Cascade Coffee Table side view
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