Blue coffee tables in our interior

Author: Kate Anderson | April 24th 2021 | Coffee Tables

indigo blue coffee table Blue coffee tables in our interior

The blue color is not among the most popular ones with regard to the inner interior of the premises. Why? – There are many reasons for it, but many people are pushed away by its extraordinary coldness. But, frankly speaking, in vain.

According to the modern designers’ point of view appearing among the blue pieces of furniture, we feel peace, tranquility and general relaxation.
Also it inclines us to profound thinking. By the way, it is proved that this color normalizes the heartbeat and blood pressure. And also reduces appetite, so it will be a perfect choice for the kitchens and living rooms of those people who want to lose some weight.

The influence of blue coffee table on the general interior

As the blue color belongs to the cold palette, it acts refreshing and somewhat cooler on its surrounding. These data suggest that the blue coffee tables perfectly suit the rooms with windows to the east.

But for those rooms the windows of which face north, blue coffee tables are not very suitable, as they will make a room too cold. In addition, modern designers do not recommend to use such tables in small and dark rooms.

Although, in general, this color and its shades are well suited to any room. Everything depends on us, as we are responsible for choosing the right tone of our coffee table and for its combination with other shades presented in the room.

The colors combine well with blue coffee tables

There are colors and shades, which are equally well suitable for blue coffee tables.

They are the following ones:

  • white (and all its shades);
  • gray (depending on the level of its saturation);
  • silver;
  • gold.

Light blue coffee tables in the interior

As for the other colors, you need to choose them more carefully. So with blue coffee tables a harmonious combination can be achieved by adding some pastel shades to the interior. And for the tandem with the blue coffee table you should choose more intense shades.

The same can be said about the choice of colors for other wooden interior elements. Blue coffee tables are usually perfectly combined with white and light wooden pieces of furniture, and the light blue – with dark and rich ones.

But what about the deep blue?

Taking into account all the features of these two colors combination, you can create a really sophisticated interior beginning from the romantic and gentle one and up to the classical chic.

low blue coffee table3 Blue coffee tables in our interior

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