7 Reasons Why You Need Shabby Chic Coffee Table At Home

Author: Kate Anderson | April 14th 2021 | Coffee Tables

shabby chic coffee table 7 Reasons Why You Need Shabby Chic Coffee Table At Home

Many people have heard the term “Shabby Chic”, but not everybody understand its correct meaning. The fact is that initially Shabby Chic is a style of furniture, textiles and decor, but not a handmade trend.

Lets talk about coffee tables made in this style, they tend to become a real decoration of any room, whether it was a living room, a bedroom or even a kitchen.

What is the secret of their popularity? This article will offer you 7 reasons why these tables should be in your home.

1. Color

Shabby chic coffee tables would be appropriate in your interior. Why? – Because of their shades, of course. As a rule only soft pastel colors are used. The most popular ones are white, cream, light purple, pale blue, ivory, pale pink, pinkish-lavender, linen, sea foam, etc. The colors are beautiful, but they make an impression of being tarnished by time.

2. Vintage and antiques are always in fashion

Shabby chic coffee tables can be performed in Rococo and Baroque styles with some pomp, elegance, ornate. The salience and carvings are welcomed. In general, the effect of original worn spots is not obligatory.

3. Unique style and decoration

Shabby chic coffee tables are often decorated with painted roses or angels. They can be performed with the help of gold leaf. Vintage furniture with artificially aged gold leaf looks luxurious and incredible.

4. These tables can be easily decorated

For example, by white tablecloths and knitted napkins.

5. Shabby chic coffee tables do not require any sophisticated premises

Usually the walls are painted white with some roughly colored areas. You may also use wallpapers with a special texture, similar to the plaster or paint “flakiness”. You can use plain wallpaper with ornament – roses, angels, candlesticks, etc.

6. Decoration is so easy and cheap

Antique bronze clock, faded pictures in white frameworks, vases, transformed by decoupage, old women’s hats, elegant boxes tied with ribbons, porcelain on the walls, vintage phones, household items from a junk shop (Gramophone, rusty chandelier, vintage tongs), porcelain doll dressed as a princess, etc. All these things can be easily found on the old attics or garage sales and set on the shabby chic tables.

7. A style that is always in fashion

There are at least two reasons for this claim. – Cheapness and ease of use. You can buy shabby chic coffee table at a flea market, look for decor items in attics, or even take tools and create a unique atmosphere of your own! Shabby chic coffee tables are a perfect idea for a house with small children or pet. You don’t need to get worried that they will spoil something, as you have already had a lot of scratches on the surfaces.

shabby chic living room inspirations 7 Reasons Why You Need Shabby Chic Coffee Table At Home

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