5 slim tables you really need at home

Author: Kate Anderson | May 31st 2021 | Modern Tables, Small Tables

Frankly speaking, selecting the slim coffee table you should take into your personal account many things, among which the most important are the product design, the space parameters and its harmonic and congruous match with the premise interior.

Small yet Stylish Flat in Stockholm 5 slim tables you really need at home

Of course, the use of the table is not restricted only by a place for the press. In the bedroom, it can be used as a bedside table or a place for some cosmetics, in the kitchen – as a serving table and in the living room it will definitely replace the rack refrigerator or become a perfect arrangement place for a small aquarium.

According to their functions the slim or narrow tables can be wooden and glass; round, oval as well as rectangular. There are also multifunctional coffee tables, called by special name transformers. Every of these types involves its own characteristics, due to which it is able to enhance the interior uniqueness and to highlight your sophisticated taste.

Slim 8H. 46 was elaborated by famous designer Matthias Demacker in 2013. This model can be a real decoration for any kind of premises first of all because of its white color. The top is made of lacquered glass. The aluminium legs and round corners complete the versatile design and make a table to be fitted in various spaces.

1. Slm 8H.46 5 slim tables you really need at home

White slim coffee table

Epsilon Console and Coffee Table Set is made in a popular nowadays minimal style of Epsilon. The shelf of the coffee table is ideal for newspapers, magazines and small decorative items. A slim profile can also be used for TV. The table is of special Sheesham wood and can be set only indoors.

2. Epsilon Console Coffee Table Set Mahogany Finish 5 slim tables you really need at home

Turn to Stone Cocktail Table is specially made of special petrified kind of wood. We can’t but mention that it is unique and inimitable. The using materials are just powder-coated metal frame and wood. The assembly will be required. The dimensions are in inches: h – 19.75; w – 47.25; d – 21.

3. Turn to Stone Cocktail Table 5 slim tables you really need at home

Keepsake Pine Coffee Table is performed of solid material and equipped with a perfect lift-up top which allows the convenient storage of some necessary things. A handmade iron base completes the decoration of this rectangle piece of furniture. Coffee table is made in traditional style. The dimensions are in inches: h – 18; w – 40; d – 20.

4. Keepsake Coffee Table 5 slim tables you really need at home

White Lacquer Nook Coffee Table is a perfect choice for any design and any premises. It is made of stainless steel and MDF. The white finish makes it neat and ideal variant for the houses in contemporary style. The dimensions are in inches: h – 16; w – 47; d – 22.

5. White Laquer Nook Coffee Table 5 slim tables you really need at home

Gallery of the 5 slim tables you really need at home

Narrow coffee table in the Stockholm interior
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Keepsake Coffee Table
Slm 8H.46
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