Platner coffee tables near a swimmig pool

25 Examples of Platner Coffee Tables in Home Interior

July 11th 2018 | Coffee Tables
Have you ever heard about platner coffee table? Of course, yes! – Everybody seems to know this interesting and rather unusual design, elaborated by famous W.Platner. And here is the list of the most interesting ones: 1. Platner Coffee Tables in Green Design Platner coffee table looks beautifully in

Low Coffee Tables In Your Interior

July 10th 2018 | Modern Tables
Now more and more popular are low coffee tables. This direction came to us from Japan and such coffee tables can met in the most various styles and forms. They are appreciated for their simplicity and usefulness, and also that thanks to small height they don’t influence on the
Adjustable Height Coffee Table

Adjustable Height Coffee Table: Multipurpose at Once

July 7th 2018 | Modern Tables
Everybody try to look for an attractive and stylish furniture. Some people put above the layout of tables, other prefer different functional characteristics. If you would like to combine both utility and elegance, then an adjustable height coffee table will be a great investment in the house. The main
Emerson Coffee Table with Lift Top

Emerson Coffee Table with Lift Top

July 7th 2018 | Table of the Day
Emerson Coffee Table with Lift Top is represented by well-known Emerson Bentley company, which is rather popular because of its high-quality production created in accordance with modern requirements and contemporary design. At the same time the prices for all pieces of furniture are relatively low. For example, Emerson Coffee

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