Acme Furniture slab coffee table

Do you know how slab coffee table is made?

October 14th 2019 | Coffee Tables
Slab coffee table is really rather popular nowadays. We can meet them in our houses, apartments and offices. But have you ever thought how they are made? That is really a very interesting process. Let’s discuss it in details. In fact, in order to make a slab coffee table
Butler Specialty small oval coffee table

Small oval coffee tables: why are they popular?

October 12th 2019 | Coffee Tables
Everybody knows that the table is one of the most important pieces of furniture, so its appearance and functionality have always paid close attention. No matter how hard today’s manufacturers try to vary furniture design, the traditional and proven for centuries table tops have been always popular. The favorite
Leick Furniture solid oak coffee table

How to care for an oak coffee table

October 12th 2019 | Coffee Tables
Everybody knows that cleaning your solid oak coffee table requires special care. When dusting, it is recommended to use some caution. You should pick up the objects in turn and then put them in place. Never move the boxes, cups, and bowls along the polished surface.   The greatest
Hodedah Import tempered glass coffee table

The advantages of tempered glass coffee tables

October 11th 2019 | Coffee Tables
Despite of all common mistakes, modern tempered glass coffee tables have a lot of advantages. Let’s discuss some of them. They have very beautiful appearance, the surface always looks differently. It depends on the light, weather and time of the day. Compared with the wooden ones, tempered glass tables
Jofran tile coffee table

What about a tile coffee table?

October 10th 2019 | Coffee Tables
Tile coffee table looks very presentable in any room. Its practicality and convenience are left out of competition similar to the tables made of other materials. If you want to decorate your table, you can take almost any tile you like. All in all it can be either wall
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